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The completion of the cycle of the olive oil
From the treatment of olives for oil extraction
residues continue a cycle
that lead them to become indispensable
and high quality consumer product.

After the pressing of the olives...
         ...when everything seems to be finished

that's where our work begins!
No waste to make it all possible.

Extraction of oil from the olive pomace

One hundred years of history in the processing and re-use of residues from the manufacture of olive oil Italian

The Past

Originally past industrial complex of the company was not only the oil extraction activities, but also refining and saponification.


Today S.A.I.O. SpA treatments is specialized in the extraction of olive oil (olive-pomace oil crude) and in the production of biofuels


We invested in automation management and automated control equipment, in new machines and treatment of emissions.

Environment and health

Over the last decade, the company has begun plant adaptation aiming at respecting the environment and health.


Lighter Margarines thanks to the efforts of business sector

Business industry has updated the European code of conduct, further reducing the share of trans fats allowed in spreads and products for industrial use. Also confirmed the commitment to greater...

Recovering market for olive oil

After months of decline, the industry recorded an increase of sales in Italy and abroad. Compared to December 2012, the entire sector grew by 16.6%, mainly due to extra virgin olive oil....


  • Olive oil commonly known as olive pomace oil obtained from crude olive-pomace in a solvent extraction process similar to that for the achievement of common seed oils that are on the market. With this method the residual oil is extracted from the olive pomace previously dried, using solvents such as n-hexane. Once the oil-solvent mixture was separated from the dried mix of drupe, residues of pulp and fragments of nocciolino, the solvent is evaporated in fact suitable distillers. Crude oils resulting from extraction processes go through further processing stages of refining plants in appropriate, to get the status of olive pomace oils for food.
  • Dry by-product resulting from the process of extraction of residual oil of olive pomace, it conforms to Annex X, part V, section 4, paragraph 1, point (f) of Legislative Decree No. 152 and April 3, 2006 s.m.i. The chemical composition of olive pomace oil-free is identical to that of the natural fruit of the olive tree, excluding the oil and water. Both industrial and domestic purposes is widely used to produce heat energy. All pomace oil firms as refiners, use as the sole source of heat energy that induced by combustion of olive pomace oil-free for both the drying of Virgin pomace that for steam production, useful in extracting and refining crude oil; not least are the consumption of large biomass plants that use that fuel to produce renewable energy. The olive pomace oil-free is sold both in bulk and in convenient bags.
  • The fruit of the olive tree is a drupe comprising a skin or peel, a mesocarp or pulp and kernel size in turn from nuts and almonds; the core is composed basically by lignin. The relation pulp/kernel depends on the variety and ripeness of the fruit, usually the core is the 10-30% by weight. Our company carefully selects the incoming raw material so that in the finished product, olive pomace oil-free, and high percentage of kernel. To give our clients a product more homogeneous in terms of calorific value and less powdery, comfortable and practical for domestic heating, we have chosen to refine pomace oil oil-free by separating the part of dried pulp from kernel, getting the nocciolino olive pomace oil-free. That product, useful source of natural warmth, is characterized by a dark Browning result in drying phase; is dry and available both in bulk and in convenient bags.
  • This product, as the nocciolino, is a set of processing olive pomace oil-free, obtained by mechanical separation of the components of the fruit of the olive tree, made from the peel and pulp, comes in the form of powder very similar to flour. In recent years, given the growing demand for herbal supplements for anaerobic biofermentatori (biogas plants), is widely sold in bulk for the production of renewable electricity, great component to the diet of digesters, can maximize the production of biogas, is devoid of kernel, inert material in the production of biogas. It is also a great support for industries dealing with animal feed and fertilizers.