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Lighter Margarines thanks to the efforts of business sector

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Business industry has updated the European code of conduct, further reducing the share of trans fats allowed in spreads and products for industrial use. Also confirmed the commitment to greater health protection.

A further reduction of trans fats in spreads and dressings in industrial margarines and a renewed commitment to defense of health. These major changes of the EU code of conduct promoted by IMACE, the European Confederation which represents the sector, with the support of the Group of ASSITOL Margarines, the Italian Association of the oil industry.

According to the new rules established in Brussels, last generation products should not contain more than 2% trans fats (also known as TFA) fat-based, i.e. less than 1% of all produced, as also recommended in the medical field. The excess of TFA is considered to be harmful to the heart and circulation.

The standard also incorporates what is already happened for most condiments and spreads for industrial use products that, according to the monitoring of the sector within the EU, are attested by time on an altitude of trans fats equal to 1.7. This progress we owe to a careful reformulation of recipes and the use of cutting-edge technologies, which have virtually eliminated hydrogenated fats from margarines of last generation.

The code of conduct also reiterates the commitment of companies to protect consumer welfare, through the selection of lighter ingredients and new components as an aid for special diets. In this connection, the industry chose to favour vegetable oils in margarines modern recipes for their fat and polyunsaturated fats, mono and adding plant sterols and ingredients naturally rich in Omega 3, the so-called “good fats”, whose importance to the fight against cholesterol is now ensured.

ASSITOL, who participated actively in the work of revising the European code, sector confirms the attention of companies towards consumers, increasingly sensitive in matters of food safety and protection of health


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Roma, 12 aprile 2013

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