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The fruit of the olive tree is a drupe comprising a skin or peel, a mesocarp or pulp and kernel size in turn from nuts and almonds; the core is composed basically by lignin.

The relation pulp/kernel depends on the variety and ripeness of the fruit, usually the core is the 10-30% by weight.

Our company carefully selects the incoming raw material so that in the finished product, olive pomace oil-free, and high percentage of kernel. To give our clients a product more homogeneous in terms of calorific value and less powdery, comfortable and practical for domestic heating, we have chosen to refine pomace oil oil-free by separating the part of dried pulp from kernel, getting the nocciolino olive pomace oil-free.

That product, useful source of natural warmth, is characterized by a dark Browning result in drying phase; is dry and available both in bulk and in convenient bags.