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Olive pomace oil-free

Olive pomace oil-free

Dry by-product resulting from the process of extraction of residual oil of olive pomace, it conforms to Annex X, part V, section 4, paragraph 1, point (f) of Legislative Decree No. 152 and April 3, 2006 s.m.i.

The chemical composition of olive pomace oil-free is identical to that of the natural fruit of the olive tree, excluding the oil and water. Both industrial and domestic purposes is widely used to produce heat energy.

All sansifici, as refiners, use as the sole source of heat energy that induced by combustion of olive pomace oil-free for both the drying of Virgin pomace that for steam production, useful in extracting and refining crude oil; not least are the consumption of large biomass plants that use that fuel to produce renewable energy. The olive pomace oil-free is sold both in bulk and in convenient bags.